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Steve is a highly motivated, experienced, and energetic national presenter.  He was trained as an  early childhood educator and now works with teachers and students from Pre-Kindergarten to college.   His passions focus on the foundations of literacy and best practice instructional technique to ensure success for all.  His unique teaching practices and effective implementation of curriculum will have your head spinning with ideas.

Practicality, research, and classroom data are fundamental to all Steve’s professional offerings.  He believes that training should meet an identified need, should follow best practices, and be adaptable to a variety of thinking and learning levels.  The information gained will have an immediate use within your instructional environment.  Don’t miss the opportunity to gain realistic strategies that will boost student and teacher confidence, excitement, and achievement!

Steve is currently teaching in preK-college classrooms, is a district Literacy Coach, Cognitive Coach, and Literacy Consultant.  He has a master’s degree in early childhood education and is in the process of publishing a book focusing on reading, writing and thinking.


About Me

About Me