​Research Based Training Format:

A Structure that Works


  • connect background knowledge to content to be explored


  • Knowing your purpose/goals/outcome
  • Focus on a shared process baed on research, data, content, text or ideas
  • Coach thinking through paraphrasing, pausing, and questioning


  • take time to reflect on content, process, and next steps toward integration of learning


What is working, what might be refined?  Our work in systems is dynamical, small changes lead to big results when there is a strategic plan.  

Focus:refocus attention & simplify for results.

Sample Powerpoint Slides


What are your goals, what supports are needed to make this a reality? Following the  model of learning, we will design a learning experience that allows the work to live in your organization.

Focus: teach. learn. explore model. 

   practice. collaborate. 

     reflect. coach. support.

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Learning Designed forYou 

​​​Supporting Self-Directed, Self-Monitoring, & Self-Reflective Learning


Adult &  Student Learning 

​​​​There are a lot of options when it comes to professional learning, with many of the options leaving little to no impact on systematic and strategic implementation.  Seward Consulting will work alongside your leadership team to focus on specific goals: building a plan for all learners, refining based on a shared focus, and rethinking to simplify.

Due to this unique way of working, Seward Consulting provides teachers and administrators unique, realistic, and empowering permission: to become our best for students and each other.

Let's simplify our complex work.  We will cut through the clutter of initiatives and programs that produce a list of "things" we should be doing, and instead focus on intentional, strategic, and purposeful adaptations to our current rarities.

Seward Consulting believes that teachers and administrators, together, hold the answers to their success… if this excites you and is aligned with your beliefs, we need to get in touch!


What is the data telling you? Looking beyond numbers to think critically with shared ownership for learning. 

Focus:: impact learning through new & refined ways of thinking.  

Seward Consulting Provides a variety of options for you and your staff.  We will work together to create a professional learning plan that matches your desired results.

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  • "Vision of Possibility- from good…to GREAT, together.
  • "A Systems Approach to Student Achievement"
  • "Teacher Focused, Student Centered: working together for achievement"


  • Coaching, Collaborating, and Consulting with District and Building Leaders.
  • Coaching, Collaborating, and Consulting with Individual Teacher and Teacher Teams.
  • Administrative Supports for Providing Effective and Strategic Feedback for Teacher Evaluation and Growth.


  • Classroom Strategies to Promote Student Leaning
  • Lab Classroom Training (teachers learning with teachers through in-class observations)
  • Professional Learning Communities: structures and processes to support collaboration
  • District and Building Instructional Rounds (teachers and administrators examining student learning)
  • Data Analysis and Planning: Developing Groups Though Data Dialogue
  • Building Consistencies with Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction 
  • Systems Implementation of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction 
  • Collaborative Structures to promote Student-to-Student Collaboration
  • Gradual Release of Responsibility: examining a focus lesson, guided instruction, collaboration, and independent structures
  • Workshop Practices (PreK-12 Reading, Writing, Math)
  • Reading Diagnostics and Guided Reading (PreK-5)
  • 1-1 and Small Group Conferring
  • Bringing Literacy to Life Through a Balanced Literacy Approach
  • Adaptive Schools Seminars® http://www.thinkingcollaborative.com
  • Adaptive Schools Modules® 


  • Group Planning and Consulting Based on Goals
  • Lab Classrooms/Classroom Learning Labs
  • Calibrating and Determining Next Steps: using assessments to drive goals and planning
  • In-Class Coaching, Consulting and Modeling PreK-12
  • Administrative Support with Teacher Observations and Feedback
  • Data Dialogue for districts, schools, teacher teams, and individuals


  • Instructional Rounds: school-wide collaboration focused on an area of growth
  • Making the School Improvement Process Come Alive for ALL Learners
  • Strategic Planing Based on Data