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Steve did a wonderful job of defining the structure of a mini-lesson and did so in a way that was clear, effective, and applicable. I came to this session with the view that there are right and wrong ways to run a reading/writing workshop, and learned instead what the big picture of workshop may look  many different ways.I left feeling much more confident and am willing to use a variety of ideas to run a workshop that best suits my classroom. I am so eager to give this a go! I also benefited from Steve's modeling, lesson suggestions, and tips  - what a wonderful experience!

True organizational change occurs when a leader is able to identify needs, create a vision, motivate through inspiration, and work in tandem with committed members of a group. Steve Seward exemplifies change leadership.  

I found true value my learning with Steve and could not absorb the information fast enough today. Thank you for a wonderful and useful topic!

I learned so much from Steve, and am excited to start implementing the learned practices. I feel like I can confidently form a focus lesson and incorporate gradual release into all subject areas. The structure that he taught made so much sense to me that I know I can roll with it now. I learned some great protocols from Steve as well, and he modeled the process which helps me learn. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Steve has a depth of knowledge that he draws from when working with business leaders and sales teams. He draws from those experiences and relates all learning to research. It is obvious that Steve is reflective and brings forward a humble nature, which people immediately are drawn too. That depth of reflection enables him to continue learning and growing with each group he interacts with.  

Steve's examples were rich, engaging, and connected to real life.  He is clearly a master teacher, presenter, facilitator, and coach.